ZeroLiquid — Final Test Before we go public

2 min readJun 17, 2023


What a journey so far! We have completed two lengthy rounds of testnets with our closed group of testers and fixed many small bugs as a result.
Not only that but from the feedback we completely redid the UI/UX to make it more user-friendly.

Now, we are opening the ZeroLiquid protocol to the last round of private testnet!

Rewards are available for any bugs found (see details below).

How To Participate

We want you to use the dApp as you would on mainnet, but here are some steps you could take.

  • Deposit Goerli WETH* or wstETH** in the protocol.
  • Take out loan(s).
  • Allow loan(s) to repay themselves (self-repay) over time.
  • Repay loan(s) early.
  • Self-liquidate loan(s).

*The testnet protocol currently works with Goerli WETH and wstETH. To obtain it.

Follow these instructions to swap your Goerli ETH for Goerli WETH.

1. Obtain Goerli ETH using one of these methods.
2. Visit this
Goerli Etherscan page
3. Click “Contract” then “Write contract”
4. Click “Connect to Web3” to connect to your wallet on the Goerli network
5. In the deposit field, enter an amount of Goerli ETH and click “Write”
6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will swap your Goerli ETH for Goerli WETH.

** Follow these instructions to direcly use wstETH in the protocol.

1. Deposit ETH in to stETH contract using “submit” function which will mint stETH.
2. Give approval of stETH to wstETH contract. ( Go to the link and use this address as spender 0x64015A403804d6E09FCd9a02d5361fa1caC01a03)
3. Deposit stETH into wstETH contract using “wrap” function.

Now get testing!

Providing Feedback

If you discover any potential bugs or have any feedback to provide, please submit via this Google Form.


The following rewards are up for grabs, varying depending on the scope of the submission:

  • Accepted UI/UX improvement: $50–200
  • Contract bug: $100–500
  • Exploit: $500–5,000

Note: If the same bug is reported more than once, the person who submitted first will receive the reward.

Thanks for taking part to help us launch smoothly. If you have any questions in the meantime, hit us up on Telegram.




Use your LSD tokens to get self-repaying, 0% interest loans without the risk of liquidation.