ZeroLiquid launches Zero Gravity

3 min readSep 1, 2023



  • Join us on an important mission and receive rewards for your contribution!
  • Deposit LSD tokens on ZeroLiquid, add zETH/WETH liquidity on Curve or Stake $ZERO (Coming Soon) to earn rewards

ZERO community and fellow earthlings,

Here at ZeroLiquid, our mission to revolutionize DeFi via self repaying, 0% interest, non-liquidation loans on LSD tokens is for all humans, whether they reside here on Earth or any of the distant colonies throughout the cosmos.

But as you know, we recently lost contact with the human colony on Mars, and our Martian brethren remain oblivious to our new technology. As a result, they continue to sell their precious Ethereum to cover their daily expenditures, unaware of the newfound ability to obtain self-repaying loans against their LSD tokens.

Recent headline from The Washington Times

In the time it took you to read that newspaper headline, another Ether was sold on Mars. We cannot let this continue. It’s time to act.

Hence we are embarking on a daring mission: a 140 million-mile journey to Mars to re-establish contact with our distant cousins and share with them the revolution of ZeroLiquid so they too can thrive and prosper.

Today’s headline in The Washington Times

But we cannot embark on this mission alone. Those of you who help to power this journey will be forever immortalized as saviors of the Red Planet colony and will be rewarded with points, which will prove to be valuable!

Along the way, you’ll also be supporting the growth of the ZeroLiquid protocol and, hopefully, having fun.

How to Participate

The following actions support our mission and will be rewarded:

You can monitor your earned points on the Zero Gravity dashboard.

A total of 20 million points are available to be earned, and we will reach Mars when 20 million points have been earned.

Therefore, the higher TVL rises, the faster points will be earned and the quicker we reach Mars, and the sooner you receive rewards. That’s why we need your support to recruit more crew members: Spread the word!

We have also partnered with select influencers, who will soon have their own referral link that they will be sharing. We will also be adding more ways to earn as the scheme progresses, so keep an eye out for more.

Let’s make Mars great again!




Use your LSD tokens to get self-repaying, 0% interest loans without the risk of liquidation.