ZeroLiquid Opens Full Public Testnet

2 min readJun 22, 2023



Thanks for joining ZeroLiquid on our journey to bring self repaying, 0% interest loans without any risk of liquidation to the burgeoning LSD token space.

We have completed three rounds of testnet with our closed group of testers which enabled us to fix some small bugs and also led to a complete overhaul of the UI/UX to make it more user friendly 😃


Now we are opening the ZeroLiquid protocol to a full public testnet. During this testnet phase, we will also open bug bounties on both Immunefi and Code4rena.

We are now in the final phases of preparation before we unleash self repaying, 0% interest, non-liquidation loans on the Ethereum LSD market 🔥

Read on to learn how to participate in testnet.

How To Participate & Earn Rewards

We want you to use the ZeroLiquid protocol as you would on mainnet, but here are some steps you could take on this Goerli Testnet.

  • Deposit Goerli WETH or Goerli wstETH* in the protocol.
  • Take out loan(s).
  • Allow loan(s) to repay themselves (self-repay) over time**.
  • Repay loan(s) early.
  • Self-liquidate loan(s).

*Follow the steps in this Google Doc to interact with the protocol using your preferred Goerli token.

**For the purposes of testnet only, APY has been set at a high rate in order to expedite the testing process, while the collateral ratio has been fixed at 10%
(This means you can only obtain upfront yield of up to 10% of your deposit).

Providing Feedback

If you discover any potential bugs or have any other feedback to provide, please submit via this Google Form.


The following rewards are available depending on the severity of the issue:

  • UI/UX improvement: $50–200
  • Contract bug: $100–500
  • Exploit: $500–5,000

Note: If the same bug is reported more than once, the person who submitted first receives the bounty.

What is ZeroLiquid?

At the time of writing, $18bn of Liquid Staked Ether is staked by over 207,000 depositors, numbers which are expected to grow over time.

The ZeroLiquid protocol enables owners of this capital to obtain self repaying, 0% interest, non-liquidation loans against their Liquid Staking Derivate (LSD) tokens. This allows users to receive money today without being forced to sell their assets and forgo yield.

Thanks for taking part to help us launch smoothly. If you have any questions in the meantime, hit us up on Telegram.




Use your LSD tokens to get self-repaying, 0% interest loans without the risk of liquidation.