ZeroLiquid partners with unshETH

2 min readJul 5, 2023


ZeroLiquid is excited to announce a partnership with Ether staking protocol unshETH.

ZeroLiquid is bringing self repaying, 0% interest loans to the $20bn Ether LSD market, with this collaboration ensuring early access for the unshETH community. Keep an eye out for ZeroLiquid’s mainnet!

Find out more about both protocols below.

What is ZeroLiquid?

The ZeroLiquid protocol brings self repaying, 0% interest, non-liquidation loans to the burgeoning Liquid Staked Ether market. At the time of writing, over 200,000 depositors are earning yield on $20bn of Liquid Staked Ether.

ZeroLiquid will enable these users to access capital today without needing to sell their Liquid Staked Ether and forgo yield.

What is unshETH?

The unshETH protocol is a novel DeFi primitive that promotes validator decentralization by fostering competition among ETH liquid staking protocols with the aim of bringing the best ETH staking experience to millions of users.

The unshETH Ether token represents a diversified liquid staked ETH basket that earns both Ethereum staking rewards and swap fees generated by the unshETH vdAMM, all wrapped in a single ERC-20 token.

unshETH Ether is also an Omnichain token that can be transferred seamlessly across ETH Mainnet, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum via Stargate.

Key Links

UnshETH: Website / Twitter / Discord
ZeroLiquid: Website / Twitter / Discord




Use your LSD tokens to get self-repaying, 0% interest loans without the risk of liquidation.