ZeroLiquid to support Rocket Pool’s rETH

2 min readJul 18, 2023


As ZeroLiquid draws close to mainnet, we continue to build the necessary connections and prepare the integrations that will enable the whole of DeFi to access self repaying, 0% interest loans on their liquid staking tokens.

And now ZeroLiquid is pleased to announce that the protocol will support Rocket Pool’s rETH liquid staking token. rETH accounts for over 4% or ~$870m of the $20bn liquid staked Ether market, with over 7,800 unique depositors.

This collaboration will ensure early access to self-repaying loans for the large Rocket Pool community. Keep an eye out for ZeroLiquid’s mainnet!

What is ZeroLiquid?

The ZeroLiquid protocol brings self repaying, 0% interest, non-liquidation loans to the burgeoning Liquid Staked Ether market. At the time of writing, over 200,000 depositors are earning yield on $20bn of liquid staked Ether.

ZeroLiquid will enable these users to access capital today without needing to sell their Liquid Staked Ether and forgo yield.

What is Rocket Pool?

Rocket Pool is Ethereum’s most decentralised liquid staking protocol. Its 3,000+ worldwide node operators are responsible for over 750,000 ETH representing over 3% of all Ethereum staked. Liquid stakers can participate on mainnet and multiple L2’s simply by holding any amount of the rETH liquid staking token in their wallet, which automatically accrues staking rewards via price appreciation in a tax-optimised way.

Key Links

Rocket Pool: Website / Twitter / Discord
ZeroLiquid: Website / Twitter / Discord




Use your LSD tokens to get self-repaying, 0% interest loans without the risk of liquidation.