ZeroLiquid — Use cases

3 min readFeb 26, 2023


In the last article, we talked about the ZeroLiquid protocol. In this article, we will delve deeper into the many ways ZeroLiquid can be leveraged to pay for personal expenses, a startup seeking to fundraise, or a seasoned investor seeking to maximize returns.

The possibilities with ZeroLiquid are endless. Let’s dive in.

Use Cases

With ZeroLiquid, you can leverage your future yield to pay for current personal expenses. Rather than relying on credit, either decentralized or centralized, or paying out of pocket, you can redirect your yield/loan to cover your expenses.
Consider the following scenarios to better understand how this works.

Paying for lunch

Bob was enjoying lunch with his friends when it came time to pay the bill. The total amount came out to $20.

To quickly settle the bill, Bob pulled out his phone and opened up the ZeroLiquid dapp. He entered the amount and saw that it would take approximately one day to pay the bill using 10 Ether. After adding the recipient’s address, the payment was made instantly. Bob would have his 10 Ether unlocked in just one day.

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Requesting payments

Popular payment services like PayPal, Payoneer, and Venmo offer the convenience of generating a personalized URL for collecting payments. Similarly, ZeroLiquid will enable users to generate custom URLs for payment collection.
However, unlike traditional payment methods that rely on using money, ZeroLiquid’s unique feature allows users to pay with their future yield.

Presale funding

What if you could acquire tokens of a project without having to put your hard-earned capital towards presales on protocols like Camelot? ZeroLiquid offers a unique solution — stake your LSD tokens for a specific time period, and in return receive tokens of the desired project. The only cost to you is time. Moreover, ZeroLiquid’s services can be seamlessly integrated into your favorite presale platforms.

For instance, let’s assume you want to participate in the $FCTR sale, and you have 10ETH at hand. Rather than investing that amount directly into the sale, you stake that on ZeroLiquid, which would use 10 ETH of capital to issue a loan that will be used to buy presale tokens. After a predetermined period, your capital of 10ETH will be returned to you.

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Purchasing your dream car?

ZeroLiquid has got you covered. Here’s how it works:

First, find the car you want and put double the price of the car in ZeroLiquid. Next, take out a loan for 50% of the car’s value and use the funds to buy the car.
Finally, at the end of the loan term, you can retrieve your original funds from ZeroLiquid. This unique solution enables you to buy the car you want without having to drain your savings.

This is the second article of the series explaining the Usecases of ZeroLiquid, in the next article, we will discuss the Potential of ZeroLiquid.

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